What to do if you have a Car Accident

by on May.26, 2016, under Smash Repair Tips

A car accident can be shocking and upsetting, but luckily many of them are not serious. There are lots of modern safety features on newer cars to protect you from injury, so it’s often the case that the car comes out of it worse than you. However, being in an accident can be worrying, and you might not know what to do in the immediate aftermath. Here are some practical tips on what to do if you have an accident, and how to get your car back to top condition.

If you’ve been involved in a crash, firstly you should make sure that everyone is OK, and seek medical attention if necessary. If there are no injuries, then swapping details is the next step, so make sure you always have a pen and paper in your car. Make sure to get these details from the other driver:

  • Name and address
  • Phone number
  • Name of insurer
  • Registration numbers of all cars involved

If it’s safe to do so, take out your phone and take some photos of the crash site. Once you get home, you should also take photos of the damage to your car. If you need smash repairs such as the services of a panel beater and plan to claim on your insurance, then these photos will be essential for backing up your claim.

Modern cars usually hold up pretty well in minor collisions, so you may find it’s just cosmetic damage to your car. Drive away slowly, and test things such as the steering and brakes to see if your car is working OK. It may just be the case that you need dents repaired, but if your car isn’t performing normally, or there are any warning lights on, then you’ll also need to see a mechanic. It’s important to get your car looked over as soon as possible and to not drive around in an unsafe vehicle. If your car is particularly badly damaged, then consider having it picked up by the garage.

Once the mechanical faults have been rectified, you can get any cosmetic issues dealt with. You might simply need dent removal services, and many smaller dings can often be removed cheaply and easily, making your car like new again. If any paint has been scraped during the collision, then your smash repair specialists may recommend spray painting to get your vehicle looking like new again. Luckily, many of these things are covered by insurance, so it’s worth calling your insurance provider before you bring it in to see if you can claim.

Whether it’s a minor scrape or a full-on collision, crashing your car can certainly ruin your day and be an inconvenience. However, by coming to Nova Smash Repairs you can ensure it’s brought back to its former glory, and get yourself back on the road as soon as possible. Make sure you know what to do in case of an accident so that you aren’t caught out.

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