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by on Apr.19, 2017, under Smash Repair Tips

Bumps and dings can happen anytime, and then there’s the car park reversing manoeuvre that just doesn’t work out, or perhaps you lent your car to a friend and they weren’t as careful as they should have been. There are many situations in which these bumps can occur and when they do, the only thing on your mind is getting the car repaired.

Any damage that has broken the paint seal is an open invitation for rust, and once that happens, things quickly go downhill. In short, a quick repair is essential, and with insurance cover taking care of the cost, you need the repairs to happen soon. However, many body repair workshops are in no rush to do anything.

This might take a while, but with online solutions, it shouldn’t be too hard to source a reliable car repair company. What constitutes the right service provider, you might ask yourself, and the answer to that question is quality and service. Obviously, you want your car to be repaired professionally, leaving no trace of the damage, after all, it is a high price asset and needs to be looked after if it is to retain its value. But more than that, you also want a service where everything is taken care of in a prompt and professional manner, and with extra services such as collection and drop-offs, the customer experience is a pleasant one, which is much welcomed after the traumatic accident.

Once you have had one positive experience with a car repair company, the stage is set. The internet is your gateway to everything today, and that includes calling out someone to pick up the car and fix it. Simply keep their number in your smartphone memory and they are but a call away. It might also come in handy when a friend points out the ding he just received in the supermarket car park, and you can just text him the number and the problems are solved.

Having a working relationship with a car repair company would give you a head start over most people, with loan cars set aside for regular customers, add to that the pick-up and collection service, and suddenly, a minor accident becomes a stress-free experience. You can relax, knowing your car is in good hands, and you won’t be getting any nasty shocks when the bill arrives, as transparency makes you aware of every aspect of the work.

At Nova, we pride ourselves in our passionate commitment to customer satisfaction, and it is this feature that puts us above the crowd, so anytime you need a dent removed, or even worse, contact us today and we’ll be there before you know it.

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