Loan Car Terms & Conditions
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before loaning one of our cars

The client must ensure that the loan car is returned with same level of petrol as when the car was collected, and check oil and water as necessary.

The client will exercise all reasonable care while loan car is in their possession.

The client must not drive the loan car whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The client must not sub-let or allow any other person to drive the loan car unless Nova is advised in writing before the vehicle is picked up.

The client must not drive loan car out of the State of Western Australia or above the 26th Parallel of the State of Western Australia.

The client must abide by all Traffic Regulations.

Nova Smash Repairs will not be responsible for any fines or breaches of traffic regulations.

The client will indemnify Nova Smash Repairs against all claims; damages and costs made against or claimed from Nova Smash Repairs, by any person whomsoever in respect to the loan car and arising during the period of loan.

The client will not make any claim against Nova Smash Repairs for any personal injury, damage, inconvenience, delay or any other matter arising from or incidental to any breakdown, mechanical (or otherwise) or any accident.

The client shall pay Nova Smash Repairs for the cost of repairing all damages caused to the loan car and of replacing any tools, accessories or equipment lost or destroyed during the subsistence of the loan period caused by the following among other causes:

  • Negligent driving of the loan car
  • Any other negligence or breach of faith on the of the Client
  • The skidding of the loan car

The client will return and deliver the loan vehicle at his/her own expense, including any costs incurred for a breakdown service (if any), complete with all its tools, accessories and equipment, to the owner, in good order and condition at the end of the loan period.

In the event of the loan car being involved in a collision with another vehicle, person or object, whether damage is sustained by the vehicle or otherwise, the client will immediately notify both Nova Smash Repairs and the Traffic Department. The Client will take and deliver the loan car to Nova Smash Repairs and provide full particulars of the circumstances surrounding the collision. Particulars shall include the name and address of the person or persons involved, registered number of other vehicle, names and addresses of witnesses, and sketch plan with measurements and marking of all skid marks and points of impact.

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