Imposing Stricter Rules for Using Company Cars

by on Jan.11, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

Getting a car to use while on the job is always a reward for employees. Whether it is something that comes with seniority or just a basic perk that comes with the job, having a vehicle that, hopefully, comes with a gas budget is always worth looking forward to. You, as the employer or their immediate superior, are only right to expect them to take good care of the car. After all, it is company property.

You can never be sure that every employee will follow rules regarding company cars to the letter. Nevertheless, it is theirs for the time being and you should trust them to do well by the company and take good care of it. What you can do is to impose some ground rules to keep the car in top condition.

Nova Smash Repairs serves fleet and corporate customers, and we also provide additional services under these agreements to ensure that company cars stay in prime condition inside out:

While we are not experts in car maintenance, our experts still know some stuff about taking care of cars. Smoking, for one, is a big no-no inside the car. Your employees should find another location to light up, rather than inside the vehicle. It makes the car dirty, depreciates the value and makes the car and the driver vulnerable to certain dangers.

They should also have the car inspected twice a year. Whether with us or with another company, the important thing is to keep it in top shape. This also prevents future performance deficiency, which could lead to car failure.

The most important thing you should clear with employees is that when they get in trouble with the traffic authorities, they should pay the fees. They were using the vehicle at the time of the violation, thus making them responsible for the consequences. This may not fly for some individuals, but it is important that they understand.

Let us help you in sorting problems in your company cars. Whether it involves mechanical or exterior matters, you can trust us to deliver. Contact Nova Smash Repairs today.

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