Dings, Dents and Scratches: What to do with Minor Car Damages

by on Nov.28, 2015, under Smash Repair Tips

Nobody wants to leave their vehicle and come back to see a ding, dent or scratch on its paint job. You were so cautious at parking it and yet others were careless and even left a mark. Even the slightest damage can affect the appearance of your vehicle and what’s more is you have to spend on repairs to make it look new again. If the damages on your vehicle were not your fault, you do not have to suffer the inconveniences that come along with it.

Stay calm. Nothing good will come out if you confront the people at fault with an angry approach. Check the damage and take note of everything. Use a camera or your mobile phone to take photos and videos of the ding or dent, the distance between both vehicles, how the other driver parked their vehicle and their license plate. Wait for them to come back and have a short talk. If ever they deny your complaint, tell them that you have already recorded everything as proof.

This depends on your insurance company. Dings, dents and scratches have minimum costs and your insurance deductibles might be even more than what you need to fix the damages on your vehicle. If you have a clause in your policy that forgives you for encountering an accident, then you are in luck. Another party at fault means they will be liable to pay some if not all your additional expenses. You should include them when filing a claim to make sure you will not be paying for everything.

Find a panel beater who can negotiate well with insurance companies or better yet, hire our insurance accident repair specialists to have your vehicle repaired with cost-saving options like paintless dent repairs. Contact us today if you need help with your vehicle.

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