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The Seven Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

by on Dec.28, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

Sometimes, car accidents are simply unavoidable. We have no choice but to drive to work regardless of the weather, and all it takes is one mistake or a momentary lapse of concentration for an accident to happen. Fortunately, though accidents are common, they don’t usually result in serious injuries, but they usually result in damage to your vehicle.

We’re here to assure you that damages aren’t always expensive or difficult to fix. We specialise in dent removal, car scratch repair and just about any other auto body repairs to get your vehicle back on the road. However, you’d obviously prefer not to get into a scrape in the first place, which is why you might be interested in learning the most common causes of accidents.

As aforementioned, there’s often nothing you can do to avoid crashing your car. However, knowing what causes needless accidents can help you become a safer driver. Here are just some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Being distracted — The most common reason why people crash simply comes down to not paying attention. This has nothing to do with anything hugely illegal such as driving drunk but chatting on the phone, eating a snack or sending a text puts you at serious risk of having an accident.
  • Speeding — Sometimes, we all take pride in our driving skills and fancy ourselves as racers, but speeding is the second largest cause of car accidents because you can’t react quickly enough to prevent a nasty situation.
  • Drunk driving — This, of course, is highly illegal, and there’s a very good reason for it. Being inebriated slows down your reactions makes it easier to get distracted, alters your perception and diminishes your ability to focus.
  • Reckless driving — There’s nothing more frustrating than having somebody drive just a few metres behind your backend simply because you’re sticking to the speed limit. In addition, it’s one of the most common causes of accidents.
  • Bad weather — It’s not always people who make mistakes that cause car accidents. Heavy rainfall can make roads slippery and unpredictable, so it’s best to drive extra cautiously when the weather isn’t favourable.
  • Ignoring red lights and stop signs — When you run a red light or stop sign, you could end up getting smashed into by another person driving at speed, and that’s when serious injuries can be sustained. It’s best to follow the rules of the road if you want to stay safe.
  • Young drivers — Unfortunately, new drivers rarely take our advice on board about the need to drive slowly and safely and consequently, teenagers are the most likely age group to get into an accident.

Hopefully, if you’ve recently scraped your car, the accident wasn’t too serious, and we’re here to return your car to its former glory as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road. Even the safest drivers get into scrapes from time to time, but our experienced panel beaters are here to help. Contact us today for quotes and advice or browse our website for more detailed information on what we can do for you.

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Top Tips for Safe Driving

by on Sep.30, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

Most of us own and drive a car on a regular basis, and unfortunately, accidents can happen. That’s a fact you’re already undoubtedly aware of. You also know how important it is to take safety seriously. Most accidents are minor and are more annoying than they are harmful, but the costs of repairs can still add up.

At Nova Smash Repairs, we’re here to provide cost-effective car repairs for when accidents are simply unavoidable. However, while we pride ourselves on our fantastic service — as do thousands of our customers — we understand that you’d rather avoid getting into a situation where you need to give us a call.

We all understand the very basics of safe driving, such as the need to keep our eyes on the road and wear a seatbelt, but we thought we’d give you a few other tips as to help you and your vehicle remain in top-notch condition.

  • Only use your phone on hands-free if necessary — Even on hands-free, talking on the phone is a distraction and a potential cause of an accident. Do you remember when you couldn’t quite hear what was being said and leaned in closer to better tune in? That momentary lapse in concentration could result in the need for auto repairs.
  • Don’t tailgate, and don’t be pressured by those that do it to you — The risks of driving too close to the person in front are obvious, but you also need to remember to keep your cool when somebody does it to you. If you’re always looking in the mirror or speed up to get away from them, the consequences might mean bumper repairs are the least of your worries.
  • Even if the crossroad traffic lights are green, you should still look left and right — The traffic light is green, and you know you have the right of way. However, some people will try to race through a traffic light that’s just turning red. It’s better to simply give way to uncaring drivers than risk an accident.
  • Always use your mirrors — We all remember how annoying the driving test can be due to the need to check your mirrors in a strict way. That’s a habit you might have now lost, but you shouldn’t completely turn around to check what’s behind when turning lanes if you want to be on the safe side.

Accidents happen all the time and most of them don’t result in injury. However, they almost always result in the need for car repairs, and that’s why we are here to help. At Nova Smash Repairs, our experts can handle dent removal, car body repairs, bumper repairs and just about any other type of auto repairs.

In addition, we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty because we are confident in the quality of our services, and we aim to provide the best customer service in Perth including providing loan cars if need be. If you need fair-priced and expertly carried out car repairs, you needn’t look any further. Contact Nova Smash Repairs today!

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Driving in Wet Weather

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Driving in wet weather can be hazardous and rain can increase the likelihood of accidents. Following a few simple guidelines will help to prevent crashes from happening which may require professional car smash repairs.

Nova Smash Repairs offers comprehensive repairs for cars which have been damaged in wet-weather accidents. Our team are highly experienced and will have you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

This is a guide to driving safely in wet conditions.

Faulty windscreen wipers which don’t clear water away properly are an important contributing factor to car crashes in wet conditions.

Make sure that cracked or snapped windscreen wipers are replaced as soon as possible. If wipers drag along the surface of the glass then it is a good idea to have them replaced with newer and more efficient wipers.

Defective lights can make cars less visible during downpours, which increases the risk of accidents. Test lights regularly and replace broken ones. Sometimes a faulty light can slip under so radar, so always be vigilant.

Worn or deflated tires are liable to make a car skid in wet conditions. Check tire pressure at least once a month and refill tires with air if necessary. Watch out for any nails or stones which may be stuck in the tread. Properly maintained tires will aid car performance in wet conditions.

Most modern cars feature cruise control. Using cruise control can prevent a car from being able to slow down properly. Stopping distances increase in wet conditions, so it is best to turn off cruise control if the road is wet or if there is a downpour.

Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water on the road causes car tires to rise off the tarmac. This usually happens at high speed, so it is important to slow down and keep a safe distance between cars in front. If the car tires rise off the road, there is a higher chance that the car can lose control and swerve to cause an accident. Make sure to leave two or three car lengths in between other vehicles when the road is slick or it is raining.

If skidding does occur, then it is important not to panic. Continue to look and steer in the direction the car was going before the skid. Avoid slamming on the brakes as this can and make it harder to control.

Follow these guidelines to help avoid road accidents in wet weather.

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Car Park Dings are more Common than you Think

by on Apr.13, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

It is very common for cars to get dents while parked in shopping centres and, believe it or not, the driveway. Called ‘Car park dings’, the owners are almost always clueless as to who or what caused the damage.

According to the new data released in AAMI’s Crash Index, the rate of parked car dings has surpassed nose-to-tail collisions in SA and is now the second leading type of damage on the ACT (Australia’s Capital) and national roads.

On a national scale, nose-to-tail collisions accounted for 28.3% of collisions, while parked car dings made up for 21.4%. Cited among the common types of collisions are failing to give way (19.8%), collision with a stationary object (14.5%) and collision while reversing (10.8%).

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison says parked dings are most common in shopping centre parks and at the side of the road on tight shopping streets. Since people are leading busier lives, they pay less attention to their surroundings and tend to ‘let impatience get the better of them’.

There is no good time or place to get car park dings. Here are some tips to help you avoid this frustrating and tight situation:

  1. Always drive patiently and attentively, whether you are on a highway, a busy road or a cramped car park.
  2. Park strategically. Many accidents happen when backing out of a park. Find a park that lets you pull through easily.
  3. Consider having backing sensors installed. This can save you repair costs in the future.
  4. Always follow the marked lines of the parking bay.

If your car has been damaged by another person’s negligence, take your car to Nova Smash Repairs and let us have a look. If the dent is ‘clean’ and there is no paint damage, we may be able to restore it using paintless dent repair.

Get in touch with our technicians today to discuss your needs and get an estimate.

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Safe Driving on Different Road Surfaces and Hazards in Australia

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A good driver knows how to drive properly and safely on different road surfaces and environments.

Road surface and performance can influence your driving and can even cause accidents and damages to your vehicle.

Most major roads and highways in Australia are safe, well-maintained and meet quality standards. But in outback locations, road surfaces may vary, and external factors can cause unexpected hazards. Find out different hazardous driving situations and how you can overcome them.

Some locations in regional Australia, especially outback locations, may still have gravel or unpaved roads. Driving on gravel roads or loose surfaces requires much attention and control. If you are driving on these roads, always expect passing over loose materials. Shifting surfaces are also common in unpaved roads since several factors can affect the durability of the surface.

If it has recently rained, expect an unpaved road to be moist and permeable. Control of vehicle and braking may become difficult. To maintain control of the car and detect obstacles, drive slowly and pay attention to the road ahead. Always remember that country roads are surrounded by wilderness. You will most likely encounter animals crossing the road unexpectedly. Animals, such as kangaroos, emus, cattle and other native nocturnal animals, tend to stop in the middle of the road when your headlights hit their eyes.

Overtaking on loose surfaces and gravel roads is very different when overtaking on bitumen roads. Before you attempt to overtake on a country road, always check your mirrors before signalling and overtaking. Make sure that the lane is safe for overtaking. Also, turn your headlights on to increase your safety.

Wet roads are just as dangerous as unpaved roads. In fact, driving on wet roads require more care, attention and control. When driving on a road during or after a downpour, slow down and pay full attention to your path. Driving slowly and mindfully will reduce your risk of hydroplaning. Make sure the road is visible so you can spot puddles. Before setting out to drive on a rainy day, check if your brakes and headlights are working properly.

It is highly possible to encounter such hazards when driving on country roads, especially at night. There’s also a chance that your car will break down unexpectedly and incur major damages as a result of driving on different road surfaces.

If this happens, it is important to have a trusted car repair company that can help you get back on the road quickly. Our team of experienced repair professionals have responded to many unpleasant road situations, from hail storm damage to major accidents. Contact us today for more information about our emergency repair services.

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Imposing Stricter Rules for Using Company Cars

by on Jan.11, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

Getting a car to use while on the job is always a reward for employees. Whether it is something that comes with seniority or just a basic perk that comes with the job, having a vehicle that, hopefully, comes with a gas budget is always worth looking forward to. You, as the employer or their immediate superior, are only right to expect them to take good care of the car. After all, it is company property.

You can never be sure that every employee will follow rules regarding company cars to the letter. Nevertheless, it is theirs for the time being and you should trust them to do well by the company and take good care of it. What you can do is to impose some ground rules to keep the car in top condition.

Nova Smash Repairs serves fleet and corporate customers, and we also provide additional services under these agreements to ensure that company cars stay in prime condition inside out:

While we are not experts in car maintenance, our experts still know some stuff about taking care of cars. Smoking, for one, is a big no-no inside the car. Your employees should find another location to light up, rather than inside the vehicle. It makes the car dirty, depreciates the value and makes the car and the driver vulnerable to certain dangers.

They should also have the car inspected twice a year. Whether with us or with another company, the important thing is to keep it in top shape. This also prevents future performance deficiency, which could lead to car failure.

The most important thing you should clear with employees is that when they get in trouble with the traffic authorities, they should pay the fees. They were using the vehicle at the time of the violation, thus making them responsible for the consequences. This may not fly for some individuals, but it is important that they understand.

Let us help you in sorting problems in your company cars. Whether it involves mechanical or exterior matters, you can trust us to deliver. Contact Nova Smash Repairs today.

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Driver Habits that Increase the Likelihood of Damage

by on Jan.02, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

The way you drive plays a significant role in your safety and in the condition of your vehicle. Reckless driving is the most obvious reason you get into an accident or damage your car. But, certain things you do regularly may also cause dings, scratches and bumps on your automobile.

This habit comes in many forms, but the most common is mobile phone use. Answering or making a call, texting or playing games put you at risk because your attention is not on the road and the wheel. Eating or drinking while driving is a habit that you must also avoid to reduce the risk of damaging your car and endangering your life.

Most drivers follow the car in front of them too close. This may cause an accident or damage your car when the vehicle makes a sudden stop or turns a corner. Whether you are tailgating or inching closer, you are increasing the risk of a bump. You do not want that scratch on your brand new car. That is why the ideal distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you is approximately two car lengths.

Changing lanes is a routine task while driving, but it may also be one of the riskiest, especially if you lose concentration or if some of your car parts are not working properly. Moving in and out of lanes, failure to turn your blinker on and not checking blind spots may cause a collision, which may result in minor or severe car damage.

If you still do these things on the road, your car might get some dings and scratches. In such cases, you might need vehicle detailing to restore its appearance.

We at Nova Smash Repairs provide our clients with first-rate polishing and detailing restore the appearance of their vehicles. Our team has the experience and expertise to make your automobile look as if it just came out of the showroom. We also offer paintless dent repair, private repairs and other services depending on your needs.

Contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

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Instances of Road Accidents in Australia Involving the Youth

by on Dec.15, 2015, under Safe Driving Tips, Smash Repair Tips

Road accidents happen. It is either the fault of the driver or the other party, but one thing is for sure, both of them can suffer from the inconvenience of repairing the damages caused. This becomes even more challenging when the youth are involved.

A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) reveals that 45% of young Australian injury deaths and hospitalizations are a result of road traffic crashes. In fact, young drivers aged 17 to 25 years old represent 25% of all road deaths in the country.

Most of these are due to over speeding — intentionally or unintentionally — and men are at higher risk than women are in breaking road rules. Apart from that, other leading risk factors among youth are driver errors, alcohol, night driving, the presence of another passenger and low seat belt use.

This proves that newly licensed drivers like teenagers have the highest risk of getting involved in accidents. They are novices in learning complex skills and are bound to make mistakes. Of course, this does not mean that being a novice driver means fatality. Some get into accidents with their vehicles getting dents and scratches. This is where our services come in and help.

Drivers know too well that road accidents happen, so they get an insurance to make sure that they will not have problems when they need repairs. Experts say that this is beneficial for young drivers, as they are still in the adjusting stage. From dents to scratches, there is no need to worry because we have the expertise to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

Here at Nova Smash Repairs, we provide you with professional car repairs whenever and wherever you are in Perth. Contact our panel beaters today to get a quote, so we can start as soon as possible.

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Listening to Music can Lead to Car Accidents

by on Dec.03, 2015, under Safe Driving Tips

We all know that using a mobile phone while driving is a recipe for disaster — but not everyone knows that listening to music in the car can also cause accidents down the road.

This is especially true for those who get really involved with music while driving, snapping fingers, bopping up and down in the seat and singing along. This may seem like harmless fun, but a new study says music — especially the songs you really love — is a dangerous driving distraction.

And it is not just fiddling with the controls that destroy your ability to stay focused. The music itself can divert your attention away from the road.

The researchers from the study, which was published in the October issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention, observed 85 young drivers and tested the effect of listening to music on the number of driving errors. The group of participants also drove with ‘safe’ music and no music at all.

The participants drove for 40 minutes with an instructor who made a note of their mistakes.

According to the results, the drivers played their favourite music louder than the safe music. They also said they have a better mood when listening to their favourite music as compared to the other two conditions.

Almost one-third of the participants, however, received a verbal warning from the driving instructor. About 20 percent of them had to take emergency manoeuvres as well to prevent accidents. Some mistakes include speeding, dangerously changing lanes, tailgating, and holding the steering wheel with one hand.

With the results, experts recommend drivers to stay focused, and turn down the volume of the music. At Nova Smash Repairs, we also provide the following tips to decrease your risk of vehicular accidents:

  1. Avoid the fast lane.
  2. Know your car’s limits.
  3. Keep your vehicle in good shape.

In case you meet an unfortunate accident down the road, we offer accident management services, helping you with your claim from start to finish. This will save you time and ensure you get the best outcome.

Call Nova Smash Repairs today for more information about our services.

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