Car Park Dings are more Common than you Think

by on Apr.13, 2016, under Safe Driving Tips

It is very common for cars to get dents while parked in shopping centres and, believe it or not, the driveway. Called ‘Car park dings’, the owners are almost always clueless as to who or what caused the damage.

According to the new data released in AAMI’s Crash Index, the rate of parked car dings has surpassed nose-to-tail collisions in SA and is now the second leading type of damage on the ACT (Australia’s Capital) and national roads.

On a national scale, nose-to-tail collisions accounted for 28.3% of collisions, while parked car dings made up for 21.4%. Cited among the common types of collisions are failing to give way (19.8%), collision with a stationary object (14.5%) and collision while reversing (10.8%).

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison says parked dings are most common in shopping centre parks and at the side of the road on tight shopping streets. Since people are leading busier lives, they pay less attention to their surroundings and tend to ‘let impatience get the better of them’.

There is no good time or place to get car park dings. Here are some tips to help you avoid this frustrating and tight situation:

  1. Always drive patiently and attentively, whether you are on a highway, a busy road or a cramped car park.
  2. Park strategically. Many accidents happen when backing out of a park. Find a park that lets you pull through easily.
  3. Consider having backing sensors installed. This can save you repair costs in the future.
  4. Always follow the marked lines of the parking bay.

If your car has been damaged by another person’s negligence, take your car to Nova Smash Repairs and let us have a look. If the dent is ‘clean’ and there is no paint damage, we may be able to restore it using paintless dent repair.

Get in touch with our technicians today to discuss your needs and get an estimate.

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