Auto Detailing: Turning an Old Car Brand New

by on Apr.14, 2016, under Smash Repair Tips

A beaten up car doesn’t look good driving down the road, and for many, the simple solution to an ageing car is to simply sell it for scrap and get a new one. But if there’s sentimental value in the car, it can be difficult getting rid of it; not to mention that the new car you’re planning to get may not exactly have a reachable price.

There’s a difference between a car that looks drab and a car that’s completely rundown. More often than not, car owners tend to replace their car if they feel that it’s already too old to drive around. If your vehicle simply needs a little touch up to make it look presentable again, auto detailing is the way to go.

There’s a difference between car detailing and washing, and most car owners use the term interchangeably. While there is a bit of washing involved in car detailing, the entire process is actually more extensive.

When your car goes through car detailing, it undergoes very thorough cleaning both on its exterior and interior spaces. This includes retouching any chipped paint and dents, as well as replacing any foam and car seats if necessary.

A full reconditioning of your vehicle is also included. Our team at Nova Smash Repairs goes beyond simple aesthetics – our car detailing process includes the reconditioning of your car’s mechanical parts to ensure that it is at its top condition as soon as it hits the road.

Since the car detailing process is a bit extensive and involves both the vehicle’s exterior and interior spaces, you can expect that your car will undergo several hours of detailing and reconditioning. This, of course, depends on the car detailing package that you chose and who is actually working on your vehicle.

Our car detailing and polishing service goes beyond aesthetics and also includes the reconditioning of your car’s important parts and features, so you might have to wait a bit longer to start driving your car. We assure you, though, that once our team is done reconditioning your vehicle, it won’t just look brand new, it will feel brand new, too.

At Nova Smash Repairs, our experienced team is ready to recondition any vehicle and make it look good and perform well driving down the road. Learn more about our car polishing and detailing services today!

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